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Milwaukee Polka Riot!

SEPT 8th, 2018
SABBATIC, 700 S. 2nd St.

Milwaukee's FIRST and ONLY Alternative Polka Festival!


The realization of Milwaukee's first alternative polka festival has been a shared dream of its founders for many years. What began as an excited conversation among Keith Gaustad, Tahrim Tatum and Evan Maruszewski finally came to fruition on October 21st, 2017.

The first organizational aspects of the Milwaukee Polka Riot came about in a meeting of collaboration with the founders of the Rebel Stage—Jim Rice and Eoin McCarthy—when it was originally dubbed the Down and Dirty Polka Fest. That meeting would generate grand ideas that would eventually carry over into the Polka Riot's final form.

Finally, in early 2017, the last necessary element arrived on the scene in the form of Frank Chandek of Dr. Chow's Love Medicine. In a secret meeting, the final form of the Polka Riot was decided, and planning began in earnest.

The Milwaukee Polka Riot is organizationally a collaboration between The Rebel Stage and Cream City Media. Learn more below.


Without our amazing, alternative-polka bands, The Milwaukee Polka Riot would be nothing but a bunch of sad polka fans sitting in an empty field, weeping. The current roster for 2018 comprises:


The Milwaukee Polka Riot is pleased and privileged to partner with the following businesses and institutions!


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For press inquiries, to join the lineup of bands, to become a sponsor or for general questions, email: info@milwaukeepolkariot.com

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